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  1. Registration and de-registration, payment of course fees
    Every registration is binding and requires the participant to pay the course fee. Prices are in Swiss francs. Failure to pay the course fee does not constitute cancellation. After registering for a course, the participant will receive an invoice from ae text & sprache with binding payment instructions. The participant must check the registration confirmation immediately and report any errors immediately. The duration of the contract depends on the course booked and is limited.
    In the event of a course cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply:
    Cancellation after the start of the course with a doctor's certificate: CHF 100 processing fee
    Withdrawal after the start of the course without a doctor's certificate: 50% of the outstanding course fee

  2. Partial payments
    Partial payments are possible upon request of the participant.

  3. Lessons not attended
    Group courses: Lessons not attended cannot be made up and the course fees paid for them will not be refunded. Individual lessons: The canceled lessons will be rescheduled, whenever possible, in consultation with the course leader.

  4. Course exclusion
    ae text & sprache reserves the right to exclude participants from a course. In this case, the entire course fee is owed, i.e. there will be neither a proportional refund nor a waiver of the course fee. Reasons for exclusion from a course: non-payment of course fees and serious cases such as defamation, harassment, intentional damage to property, etc.



  1. A contract is concluded when:
    a) accepts the offer (type of text processing, price and deadline) in writing
    b) the text is transmitted as a Word document
    c) and receipt of the text has been confirmed by
    ae text & sprache.

  2. The corrections and suggestions for improvement are written in the correction mode. This is how the author decides whether he or she wants to do the corrections. A file with the corrections made is also included.

  3. The edited texts are sent back either by post or electronically, as agreed.

  4. The invoice must be paid within 10 days. A fee of CHF 20 is charged for reminders.

  5. The prices valid at the time the order is placed apply.

  6. If the client withdraws before completion of the order for reasons for which ae text & sprache is not responsible, a payment obligation in the amount of the expenses incurred so far arises.

  7. Since stylistic and content corrections depend on the editor's individual feeling for language, they are only intended as suggestions for improvement and need to be checked by the author. Liability for stylistic corrections and editing is excluded.

  8. If, despite care, there are still errors, the text must be submitted to ae text & sprache for subsequent correction within one week, otherwise the service is deemed to have been accepted.

  9. ae text & sprache delivers punctually and reliably. No liability is accepted for delays caused by force majeure.

  10. A guarantee for complete freedom from defects is always excluded. ae text & sprache pays real compensation up to the amount of the order value in the case of proven intent or gross negligence.

  11. The client is responsible for the legal admissibility (compliance with the law and the rights of third parties) and correctness of the text content and transmitted data.

  12. All texts are treated confidentially. The client must ensure that texts and data are transmitted securely.

  13. In the event of illness or absence from vacation, ae text & sprache reserves the right to outsource the order after consultation.

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